About Skailer

Hi there, my name is Skailer and I'm the CEO and Community Manager of Dragex™. Yes, I'm a furry, and I have 4 Fursonas, which are an important part of my personality. My main goal is always to maintain a safe and engaging environment for community members, and to ensure that things run as smoothly and effectively as possible. If you're looking for a laugh, feel free to check out my collection of funny quotes. Or, if you're seeking some inspirational or meaningful quotes, take a look at my meaningful quotes. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. I'm excited to continue contributing to the entertainment industry and connect with similar people along the way.

Discord Status

📞 Calling:

Please avoid calling me randomly unless it's an urgent matter.

💚 Active:

Feel free to message me! I'm probably bored and want to talk.

💛 Idle:

Feel free to message me! I may have slower response times as I could be playing an active game or away from my computer momentarily.

❤️ Do Not Disturb:

Message if it's urgent. Assume I'm busy or away from my desk.

🖤 Offline:

Unavailable due to a power outage or technical issue. My systems doesn't usually shut down, so this is not common.

Other Facts

I have big issues with my ADHD at times, which affects my immediate memory significantly. If I happen to forget details about you, please don't take it personally.

To help me remember specific details about people online, my head naturally associates facts with profile pictures. Feel free to change your profile picture, but keep in mind that I might forget details about you or experience a sense of disconnection if we have known each other for some time. It's really difficult for me to remember people or facts based on names, as well as places.